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Hello crafters, friends, and other lovely lurkers!
August 10, 2009, 4:56 pm
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I’ve been avoiding writing this first post for a week or so and I have been blaming it on writer’s block, but really it’s a bit more complicated. I am an avid reader of many fascinating blogs and after I started the under-workings of this blog, I got a little intimidated and worried that no one would read or worse, that no one would appreciate what I had to say about crafting, inspiration, art, life, and food.  Anyhoo, I was inspired today by the simplicity and belief of a wonderful little love note that I was the (very) humble recipient of and decide that I should take the plunge.

So here I am.
How are you today? I really want to know. (I’m not one of those people to waste questions like that.) Oh dear, I’m afraid I’m rambling. Just stop me, if you catch me at that again please!

I created this space here to share several things with you all. If you check out the pages that are over there *points to the left* you can read about my Etsy shop. It’s sparsely populated at this point, but I’m making changes and pushing toward a more socially conscious branding and that’s taking me some time. I have new stuff that needs new photographs and all of that goodness. I’ll be sure to post when I update the shop. Another page up there lets you know about features that I have planned. I think it’s a good way to force writer’s block away by scheduling those things but also allowing myself to deviate as necessary or desired. I had fun creating the icons for those, as well. There’s a last little page there that tells you about the philosophy behind my little pet project “Love Knows No Gender”. I’m doing my best to get it off the ground because it means so much to me.
I hope to have regular updates with interesting finds and inspiration, along with current projects and challenges. If you’ve read today, drop me a little comment below with something you’d like to know about me or any of my projects!

Thanks for reading,

Be Proud


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things i’d like to know.

o1. what are the top 5 bands you listen to while you’re crafting, cooking, dancing, etc. that give you the most inspiration?

o2. what food will you eat until you are impossibly full? what food won’t you touch with a ten foot pole?

o3. favorite colors to craft in?

o4. if you could steal the entire wardrobe of one movie or show, what would it be?

o5. where are you the most comfortable and happy?

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