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Style School, fear, and a little more color…
February 11, 2010, 2:28 am
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I really wanted to take a metal clay class at a local arts center here, but it filled up before I could register. Instead, I signed up for Style School. I’ve really enjoyed the projects so far. (I have pictures of some of  them, but I only seem to take them in poor lighting conditions so I’ll have to remedy that soon!) I really enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) building my notebook (Style File) for the class. The most recent projects have been a huge challenge when it comes to making them my own and working my own style  into them. The questions raised by those projects and the Style File have made me recognize how often I let my fears control what I show and explore. In literature and art, I often appreciate vulnerability and openness, which makes it a tad odd (IMHO) that I find it very difficult to be open and  honest about what I enjoy or want to try.  For example, I’ve noticed that I avoided color schemes or motifs that I thought would make me seem childish or young despite enjoying them. (I’ll spare you my analysis on why, in the past, I’ve tried to avoid those particular adjectives because it’s long-winded.) Noticing that pattern though, has given me a little push to try a little less judgement and a little more variety and I am pleased with the results.
Style School Student BadgeAny Style School readers?


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