This girl can …

Planned Features:
Inspiration FilesA girl can dreamPhotos to shareThe way i see it Fabricar FridayMake it bake it or fake itPicture 46
Inspiration Files: Text, files, notes, snippets, magazine files, dreams, images, tutorials from other blogs, friends and anything else that I’d like to store away as inspiration. Hopefully the inspiration file will be a header that can change to be specific.

The Way I see It: I think it’s inevitable that at some point in this space I will want to rant or expand upon my views on a subject. So if you don’t want to hear it and yousee this header, you should probably click your back button! I’ll try to keep the expletives to a minimum, just in case. It’s my soapbox of sorts.

Fabricar Friday: (Fabricar: to make): When you see this header, you will find tutorials, projects, and other instructions that for projects that I’ve tried and made and thought you might also like to try. Feel free to tell me if I’m showing too many photos, not enough photos, or need to be clearer. Also, let me know if there’s somethign specific you’d like to see done! I’m always up for learning a new skill.

A Girl Can Dream: Wishlists, shopping lists, and things to drool over! New tools, new toys, and other assorted things I’m craving!

Awww,  Snap!: I bet you can guess what this category is! That’s right: PHOTOGRAPHY!! Hopefully this will indicate better use of my cameras. I hope to include at least one photograph a week!

Make it, Bake it, or Fake it!: I love cooking. I especially love cooking for people. If you see this header, expect to read/see some culinary adventure of some sort.

Skeletons in the Closet: This header indicates anything with a more personal tone. A failed project (ouch!) or maybe just a peek into the personal life. We’ll see.


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can’t wait to get tips on your cooking!! come cook for me… please?

Comment by Erin

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